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Coronado’s Little Tijuana River; part 2

Coronado’s Little Tijuana River

November 19, 2013; Storm Drains Full to Street Level

The storm drains at intersection of Coronado Ave. and Acacia Ave are still full to street level. The storm drains there looked like this today. Please go by there and take a look for yourself, all you have to do is drive by or stop, get out, and take a quick look. Area neighbor-taxpayers are living with this stench daily. Coronado City Leadership and Management is failing to deal with this problem appropriately by pumping wastewater to the other side of the Island, and then off of the Island in a timely, safe, and healthy manner. We believe they are waiting for the rains to flush it out to the Pacific Ocean as they have allowed to happen before, which is against Federal and State law.