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California State Beaches Ban Bonfires

If you have a short attention span, see the video now.

California State Beaches ban bonfires, how smart they are to realize and take action on this issue! We’ve been telling the City of Coronado to do the same thing, as well as help them to strengthen Municipal Ordinances regarding fires at the beach since they haven’t “pulled their heads out of the sand” over the reality of what has been happening.

All that the City of Coronado did was follow what the City of San Diego does like the good leemings they are, even looking at their ordinances and how they’re written, and then tailoring them to meet their needs.

We believe the City of Coronado should continue to wake up and follow the State of California like the lemmings that they are, and ban fires from the beaches in Coronado. You can see the NBC 7 news story of the California State Beach bonfire ban here.

Just like you see in NBC 7’s news story where people are talking about pallets leaving behind tons of dangerous nails in the sand, and fire char left burning to the risk of beachgoers being burnt, we also have been telling the City of Coronado the same things.

And even after over four years of photo and video documentation with 61+ short videos showing the dangers and destruction to the beach, the City of Coronado still doesn’t get it. The State of California does!

When will the City of Coronado fully wake up on this issue? They think that they have it under control. This Summer, like over the last two they are going to rely on Elite Security Guards at the beach to enforce the new ordinances defining what can and cannot be burned, how and where.

All the City of Coronado is doing with this action is acknowledging that Coronado Police Department cannot handle this issue on their own! We even have a CPD Officer admitting as much in this video. Scrub the video to minute 5:00 to hear him admit publicly this fact.

We’ve been telling the City of Coronado, Police Chief and City Manager this for some time now. We’ve been telling the City Servant-Leaders that the issue isn’t something specific to Coronado, but is happening up and down the entire Southern California Coastline, and is caused by the increase in population that goes to the beach. These problems have gotten markedly worse over the past dozen years or so because of the greater numbers of people going to the beaches. We have more people burning fires wherever they want, every day of the week, every week, of every month from April all the way through September and into October even.

When is the City of Coronado going to wake up and see that this policy of allowing fires to be burned at the beach no longer works because the increased demands on the resources are not being met or balanced by City Services (Law Enforcement, Cleanup Crews). It has gotten to a point now where it is out of control still, even after stepping up ordinances and adding Elite Security. People are still lighting fires directly in the sand and/or dumping their charcoal and fire char from their fire BBQs and store bought fire receptacles directly in the sand; even more dangerous is that they are covering over these fires in the sand to become hidden dangers! We’ve also said before that fire char and charcoal are not compatible materials with sand, that these materials do not degrade or decompose in any natural way that is compatible with the sand. All that is happening with all of these people burning and leaving their charcoal and fire char waste behind in the sand is altering the natural state of the sand permanently! What part about this does the City of Coronado not get? The State of California gets it!