Coronado Sewage & Storm Drain Issues

Residents of the Country Club neighborhood (Alameda to Coronado Ave) are concerned that the storm drains always remain full to street level even during long periods with no rain. Prior to WWII, this area was a body of water, known as Spanish Bight. It was filled in with sand dredged to deepen San Diego Bay, then covered with soil and made into a golf course and horse racing track. In about 1953 it was sold to a developer who constructed some 225 homes. The continued presence of groundwater, which we fear is contaminated with hazardous chemicals buried at NASNI and residential sewage easily overwhelms the storm drain system due to its many cracks. Some 300,000 gallons sits in the system, often for several months. Solids settle to the bottom, and small amounts of liquid are pumped into the City sewer system, which travels across the Bay to San Diego and to Point Loma. On warm dry days, a certain amount evaporates from the storm drain inlets, which causes a most objectionable odor. As time passes, hydrostatic pressure keeps the system full, up to street level. The contents continue to percolate into a toxic sludge, until a “rain event” occurs and the entire collection is pumped into the Pacific Ocean via the North Beach outfall pipe we visited today.

Attached are photos of flooding which occurs at various times, either from City personnel forgetting to turn on the pumps when it rains, or from inadvertently running the pumps backwards. In other areas of the Coronado, garbage piles up along gutters until it finds its own way to the bay or ocean.

1 thought on “Coronado Sewage & Storm Drain Issues

  1. The city has done nothing lately to solve the problem of the water in the storm drains on Coronado ave. a few years ago they tried a million dollar fix that lasted months and did nothing. They have put the problem to the side and it gets worse each day. every time it rains millions of gal. of stinking foul water that has there since the last rain gets pumped out to the beach and into the ocean. A few months ago it flooded the whole beach. Also the foundations of the homes on that street are in danger. And the storm drains are full of bugs and leaves. We the homeowners need to get together and make the city fix the problem before it gets worse.

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