Coronado’s Little Tijuana River

Yah, sure many who have lived here for a long time know it as Outlet or S&#@ Creek, but there comes a time when intentionally allowing it to back up and sit in storm drains, and then intentionally discharge it into the ocean, year after year, is enough. It’s time to do what is ethical and moral for the community and environment.

Coronado City staff used a small “rain” event to dump hundreds of thousands of gallons of filthy sludge which has been rotting for months in the storm drain system beneath Coronado streets. Due to the overwhelming presence of groundwater and the system’s many leaks, the storm drains are always full up to street level. The City claims that its sewer system does not have the capacity to handle this contaminated groundwater. We challenge that claim by saying the sewer system is full because the many McMansion basement dewatering projects KEEP it full. (The City collects up to $1000 per day from each dewatering project.)

Typical view of storm drain inlet which shows the system full at all times, even with no rain. Keep in mind that the floor of these inlets are NINE FEET down, which means the ground beneath our streets and homes is at its total saturation level at all times. Leaking sewer pipes further contaminate this water. Constantly-saturated ground is not good for your home or your health.

Ok, just to make sure you understand what is going here in the photos of the gallery in this post… On a continual basis the City of Coronado knowingly lets storm drain sewage sit in storm drains when they are supposed to be pumping it across town to be pumped off by the Trans-bay pumping station that would then be taken to Point Loma Treatment Plant. It In an ongoing practice, they let loose the stagnant effluent into the Pacific via the North Beach (adjacent to Dog Beach Run) outfall, also known as ‘Outlet’ by local surfers. The effluent in nearby storm drains fills up within 24 hours without fail due to numerous factors. During the Summer they are allowing it to sit and stagnate. When rains come they use the excuse of “rain” to let it loose. The photos of this gallery is photo-documentation that it was full and let loose when it wasn’t even raining. There was significant rain but it wasn’t raining when they let it loose; we believe the City uses the excuse of rain to let it loose into the Pacific rather than to properly pump it away for treatment. On top of that, they aren’t warning the Public of the discharges into the Ocean.

Is this any way to treat our #1 rated beautiful beach and ocean!?!?  Where are the “Danger &ndash No Swimming” Signs?

How and why is Coronado’s sewer system and the Trans-bay Pipeline always so FULL ? Hmmm…

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