City of Coronado Overlooking Cleanup of Fire Debris

Two days ago we captured with video the destruction of the City of Coronado’s Beach showing trash and fire debris left behind by a combination of careless beachgoers and a complete lack of law enforcement. Today we went back to enjoy the beach yet again during the morning time but were faced with seeing that the fire debris was not cleaned up! Under the inept City Management of Blair King, beach cleanup crews picked up trash and emptied trash cans but did not cleanup fire debris anywhere on the beach that we identified in the video of August 17, 2015.

So here it is folks, here’s what they have been allowing to happen, here’s how they care for the the City of Coronado’s number one resource, Coronado Beach. For two years now have been documenting what is going on and they still don’t ‘get it.’ The video and pictures don’t lie, please take the time to watch both videos to see what is happening to the beach/sand environment.

What does this say about Coronado City Council and City Manager Blair King’s priorities and values when they continue to allow beach fires to be burned inside and outside of fire rings, and all up and down the beach? What is the purpose of having fire rings when they are allowing so many fires to burn outside of the fire rings against Coronado Municipal Code fire ring ordinance? Go on, take a look at the videos, the evidence is there. Mind you, our documentation efforts have been focused on the North Beach area since we have time to canvas only that area. It is a big beach and it takes time to shoot, edit, process and upload video. We’re not even capturing all of the damage that is being done, but the videos in this post are definitely representative of the destruction that is being allowed on daily/weekly basis. Fire must now be banned from the beach to preserve the natural sand quality. Char is being allowed to be mixed in at an alarming rate. You can go to the North Beach fire rings area and see areas of sand that are reddish or ashen in color now, and the general area’s sand color is being altered. This is not how you treat a No.1 resource that consistently gets rated highly as being one of the best beaches to visit! You can see all of the videos here.

Judging by the turnout (approximately 80 people ) at last night’s Coronado City Council meeting, it is becoming overwhelmingly apparent that residents are fed up with the City Council’s obvious focus and priority of putting ‘visitors over residents’ with wanting to spend $100,000 on studying the Multi-use shared Bike Path. The large turnout was greatly improved with efforts by Save Our Beach Coronado. We only hope that residents also see the related destruction of the beach with trash and fire debris out of control and show equal passion for keeping the sand clean, safe, and liability free.

August 19th, 2005

August 17, 2005


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