Coronado Fire Rings, cont. #4; September 5, 2013

A group of images photographed September 5, 2013. The multiple fires and fire debris outside of fire rings has not improved since City of Coronado officials have been notified. Leaders of the Coronado Police Department, the Coronado Maintenance Services, Lifeguards, and City Council have all been notified and shared this website yet the lack of pollution enforcement and cleanup persists, and doesn’t seem to get any better. What is most upsetting is that there is one fire outside of the fire rings in this group of photos that was seen the day before these were taken (see caption: img_0338), and it was heavy with fire debris. The photo shown here is of it the day after, an attempted cleanup by the City of Coronado, totally unacceptable cleanup considering they leave behind fire debris and ignore the numerous fire debris shown here in this group of photos, all taken from the same day! So this City thinks it’s ok to just do a tiny bit of cleanup but not go all the way? Where’s the sand sifter? Where’s the metal detector? We are still seeing plenty of fire debris and nails everywhere.