Coronado’s Little Tijuana River; part 2

Well, while it’s not even close in scale to the Tijuana River, the sewage outfalls at Coronado Island’s Pine Street, G Street, and Loma Avenue that empty on to the beach, at least resemble the Tijuana River. We know, we know, they’ve been like this forever, but shouldn’t we as a society be doing better than this with all the environmental and pollution laws we have in place, and with all the understandings we have about what pollution like this does to our environment? There’s no question that these outfalls on Coronado Island’s Beach are rich with harmful microbes and are breeding grounds for mosquitos, there’s no question that it is an eyesore. What are we doing to the beach sand by allowing this to continue, and what are we doing to our coastal ocean water when this stuff makes its way into the ocean? We can do better than this Coronado City Council, City Manager? Do you ever get down to the beach yourselves and see this stuff? Go take a look please! Councilmember Barbara Denny did, and she was shocked, she contacted us and communicated as much. We challenge you to go and take a look now!