Elite Private Security to Enforce Coronado’s New Fire Rings Ordinances?

The City of Coronado has decided to use the private security company Elite Security to patrol and enforce new Coronado Beach Fire Ring’s Ordinances instead of having Coronado Police Department do the work. Coronado Police Department is overseeing Elite Security and provides them with a phone to contact Coronado Police Department. They are scheduled to be there from 5pm to 11pm daily throughout the Summer.

Already, Elite Security is facing challenges from beach visitors at the fire rings. We spoke with one of their security guards at North Beach and the individual told us that they are facing people who are non-compliant and who are compliant but who later on in the evening pull illegal wood they were asked to remove from the fire rings, back down to the fire rings to burn. Illegal wood is being placed by the sidewalk and this now looks likes trash. The City of Coronado’s poor planning on this is causing the illegal wood to appear this way–they are providing no receptacle for Elite Security or Beach Visitors to deposit the illegal wood into.

We think it’s a bad idea to have private security to do the job that Coronado Police should be doing. At night, what if the one security guard they have down there each day is attacked in the dark by a hostile fire ring visitor?

What are your thoughts on this Coronado?

Q&A on the Fire Rings

Municipal Code: 48.04.120 Waste, refuse, etc. – Fires.

C. It shall be unlawful for any person to build, maintain, or kindle a fire on any public beach, except in a City provided fire circle, or except as otherwise provided herein. It shall also be permissible to build a fire in a portable barbecue or other similar device. The coals from said barbecue or device shall be deposited in an official fire circle or hot coal container. A fire in a fire circle or portable barbecue shall be used only to build beach fires for cooking or warmth, and it shall be unlawful to use the same as incinerators to burn rubbish and waste materials. The materials used for fires on the public beach shall not exceed a height of 12 inches above the upper edge of the fire circle or portable barbecue and shall be contained within the inside edge of the fire circle or portable barbecue.

D. It shall be unlawful for any person to burn in any such fire circle, barbecue, or device landscape debris, paint, stain, sealer, wood preservative, cloth, rubber, metal (including nails and other hardware), asphalt, foam rubber, plastic, or any similar matter or material inconsistent with San Diego County Air Pollution Control District restrictions and leaving any type of solid residue other than ash.

E. It is unlawful for any person to abandon any lawful fire upon any beach area without first having extinguished the fire. The ashes thereof, however, shall not be covered. All unburned wood shall be removed or placed in trash cans or receptacles provided therefor, so that the beach is left in a clean, sanitary, and presentable condition.