Video > November 20, 2013 Rusty Nails in Sand

November 20, 2013-Coronado Fire Rings. Rusty nails in the sand still, now months after Coronado City Council was notified of this debris in the sand. The City Council Members and City Manager obviously do not go to the beach and inspect this stuff, ever, even after they have been notified. This is a direct reflection of their values, of how they value the beach. Well, Councilmember Barbara Denny gets it at least. Coronado City Councilmembers will however tour elite boat docks for a 2.7 million dollar remodel, or give the School District roughly $330,000 dollars when their hands are out, or spend 1.3 Million dollars on roundabout rings for traffic flow, but when it comes to beach safety and health, beach natural habitat health, they fall waaay short. They even cut back on beach cleanup crew staffing hours. They sure can plan to spend millions on elite pleasure infrastructure and give handouts to their buddy-employers (Mayor Tanaka is a Coronado High School teacher) that will serve only a small to medium fraction of Coronado citizens while ignoring the number one resource (Coronado Beach) Coronado has—they are inept at taking care of what they do have for recreation for the greater Public. So sad their values are so misaligned. Oh yah, let’s not overlook City Manager Blair King’s salary of about $193,000 a year. And he does what to keep Coronado Beach clean and safe?!?