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Coronado City Council Votes on Regulations and Direction of Fire Rings

On January 7th Coronado City Council voted on Regulations and Direction of the fire rings. You can watch this section of the meeting and see what they and the Public had to say, and how they voted. Uh, we’re sorry Mayor Tanaka, it does require drastic action. We have two distinctly different Coronado’s, one during the Summer and one during the off-Summer season, and the chief difference is the number of people. Mayor Tanaka’s stand that the beach issues at had doesn’t need “drastic” action is a classic example of someone trying to cover up reality. Folks, this is your Mayor of the last five years! It has ONLY ever been his leadership and City Management’s leadership that has allowed the beach to be overrun as it has been. And no, Mayor Tanaka, this fire ring issue isn’t something that happened over just one Summer, it has been increasing problematically for a number of years… uhhh, specifically over your Mayoral position! To be most accurate, this Summer was the worst ever. Why did it take photos and video on Coronado Clean Beach to get their attention?! For many years, City Council and Management have been ignorant to caring for the beach. You got one thing right, Mayor Tanaka, there absolutely could be more enforcement, an improvement on enforcement. However, hiring what amount to be the equivalent of “Mall Security” isn’t the answer, and you voted on this basis? Yes, you heard that right, they voted for a vague, uncertain direction. Why so cheap Mayor Tanaka? Is it because you gave $330+ thousand dollars to the School District from the Public Funds while all this trashing of the beach was happening under your ignorance? Is it because you now want to put a full-time Coronado Police Officer at Coronado High School for security? Isn’t that the School District’s responsibility? What, do we have gang members now at Coronado High School?This is just the type of ineptitude Coronado Clean Beach has been exposing. What the City of Coronado needs is a full time Seasonal Team of Beach Law Enforcement Professionals like the City of San Diego has to be effective with the hordes of people that come to the beach, and they need to actually make contact with beachgoers all day and night, and write tickets, all so that beachgoers get the picture that they can no longer come to Coronado and do what they have been doing.

City Leadership Still Allowing Fires Outside of Fire Rings

Coronado City Council Leadership and Management is still allowing fires outside of the fire rings to occur. We’re proud of where we live but not when those responsible for keeping clean continue to allow others trash over and over. This latest coverage is nearby Coronado’s North Beach fire rings and happened about a month after Coronado City Management executed a beach cleanup action plan to cleanup the fire rings. When are they going to learn?

Coronado Cleans Fire Ring Debris?!

Coronado City Leaders and Management execute “action plan,” cleaning fire ring debris?! That’s right, right before Thanksgiving City Leaders created and executed an “action plan” to clean the North Beach Fire Rings area. If you think that the problem is solved, you’re wrong. There’s more to the story… we’ll have a new post with videos on this very soon.

Coronado City Council Funding Schools with Public Service Funds; Negligence, Creating Serious Liability Issue for Beach Visitors

The Coronado City Council is allowing a very serious liability issue to grow and fester out of control with seemingly little to no care or action to remedy the problem.

On September 3rd, 2013 the City Council voted to fund the Coronado Unified School District with Public Service Funds in the amount of $330,590. The School District has its own funding source separate from the City, but  a majority of the City Council voted to give money that would otherwise be used for improving City Public Services. Members of Coronado City Council also wants to spend about an additional $100k to fund a Coronado Police Officer at the School. State law restricts the City’s ability to directly subsidize educational services provided by the school district.

Mayor Casey Tanaka, and Councilmembers Mike Woiwode and Richard Bailey voted yes for these ill-fit expenditures, while Al Ovrum and Barbara Denny voted no against them. What is this City Council thinking? Where are their priorities? It appears they are completely out of touch—they can’t even manage their most valuable resource—keeping the beach clean and safe. One wonders if they even set foot on the number one resource that brings the most people to Coronado, summer after summer, year after year—the beach! Because of the absolute lack of beach trash ordinance enforcement, and because the City allows pallets (as well as other things such as kitchen cabinets) to be brought down to the fire rings, visitors and locals are at increased, continual risk for stepping on splinters, large two inch long nails, and other sorts of debris, as well as putting them at risk for being burned as many fires are left still burning through the morning, both inside fire rings and in many locations outside of designated fire rings.

The following posts on this website exhibit factual evidence over about a month long period of time from July through August where little to nothing was being cleaned up off of the beach. All throughout the Summer fires were allowed to burn outside of fire rings and these areas were trashed beyond belief as well. All any common sense person has to see is the picture of the pile of nails to know this is extremely dangerous, and creates a serious liability for the City!

All Departments and City Council Members have been notified and yet little to nothing is being done about the problem? This brings a very serious liability issue to visitors and local alike. We think City Council should each be fined $3000 (the amount posted at the beach) for allowing this to go on throughout the Summer—they are the biggest violator of the trash ordinance for allowing it to get so out of control!

Why aren’t the hundreds of thousands of dollars of Public Service Funds being directed to making the beach safe for all visitors? That money should NOT be going to the School District! What do you think?

Be sure and see the posts with picture and video evidence!

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